Hi there! I ported all this content from Django + reStructuredText to gatsby and markdown on March 20th, 2021.

Copy / Yanking that always works with vim and neovim (2017)
vim functions to detect OS and platform (2017)
for creating a cross-platform vim configuration
Load vim source files only if they exist (2017)
for a modular vim configuration
Minimal vim configuration with vim-plug (2017)
for a barebones starter config
Include all vim files in a directory (2017)
for a modular vim configuration
django's asset managers (2017)
django-compressor vs django-webpack-loader
pipenv (2017)
holy grail for python environments
How Django uses deferred imports to scale (2017)
Django's smart use of Python's importlib
Django vs Flask (2017)
A practitioner's perspective