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Our values

I created this website based on how I think a programming community could be improved to be more convenient for users.

Deliver an enjoyable, excellent experience

Build quality features for users. Make them reliable and convenient to use. Give developers a happy time.

Drill down and scope

We're a big fan of facets and scopes for everything. We want to make an index where people can drill down to what they need. Anything that can help people "jog their mind", inquire, and so on. Subjects are color-coded and universal to each wing of the website.

Developer-minded taxonomy

Environmental categorization

First, users can catalog their posts by broad-to-specific environmental conditions. For platforms, we have Unix and Microsoft as broad differentators with the right to get more granular within. This assures that questions in a niche area are made known to people seeking this speciality, while not taking up space for content that is generic enough to suite any condition.

For programming language, users specific the language programming language used. Which can be broad, such as JavaScript, or something specific, such as ES2018. Programming languages are flexible too, they can also include shell languages, broadly, POSIX sspecific shell, or ZSH.


Second, they can then specific a topic area. Topics are curated subjects that include software frameworks, libraries, applications, cloud services, and so on. These can include the operating system or programming language themselves.

Modular federation

Individual sections of their websites have their own change logs. The website has a central index for all content.

Sensible curation

To get things going, I will be feeding in some questions I myself will be answering to test the platform and give examples of high quality results.

The other thing is opting for curated categories over tags, which can lead toward messy indexes. I used to be a librarian assistant, so I have OCD to get it correct at the start.

Corollary: Don't be an aggregator

Don't input or scrape content from other websites. Strive for organic, rich content.


Show off your bona fides and export your resume via jsonresume.

Embrace light patterns

Light patterns are the opposite of dark patterns. They encourage growth and participation through behavior aligned with the real intentions of the user. In the circumstance of a programming-related website, this means creating tools users love, deliver happiness, without the absolute minimum drawback to them.

One type of dark pattern in this niche would be viral clauses on code snippets and software libraries. devel.tech mandates snippets should be licensed permissively to not burden visitors with license technicalities when they're discussing purely technical issues. This can be taken a step further by using CSS tricks like user-select: none and styling to warn user does not permit it to be copied.

Grow and flourish, the honest way

Build good tools, give back to the community, earn the reliance of developers through a pleasant experience, organic and rich content.

Open Source

Open source tools and libraries are a staple topic across the board. We also leverage open source code and hope to give back. Open source stewardship is key to the path we're forging.

For more, see our Open Source Section.

Data liberation

  • Data export - Data of content and profiles should be available for into JSON, YAML, CSV, and XLS.
  • API - Public API's should be available for websites which wish to create frontends to our data.

Data freedom

Global permissively licensed code snippets.

All snippets used in the snippets section are MIT licensed. You're free to copy and paste them without concerns over creating a derivative.

Something refreshing

This isn't designed to be the first or the last site, but we need something to revitalize what we already have.