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Include all vim files in a directory

for a modular vim configuration

This is very similar to Load vim source files only if they exist. I use both of these in my vim configuration, which borrows from a lot of places. In some cases, much like this, it's difficult to tell for sure where this originated, but it's also simple enough it's OK to post.

" Function to source all .vim files in directory {
function! SourceDirectory(file)
  for s:fpath in split(globpath(a:file, '*.vim'), '\n')
    exe 'source' s:fpath
" }

The above can be placed in ~/.vimrc or any place that's executed before code implementing it.

Here are some usage examples:

First, make a directory at ~/.vim/settings/ and make some .vim files there:

$ cd ~/.vim
$ mkdir settings
$ touch settings/
$ curl -o settings/sensible.vim https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tpope/vim-sensible/master/plugin/sensible.vim

tpope/vim-sensible is used in this example. I asked for permission to use it under a permissive license at tpope/vim-sensible#106.

Inside of ~/.vimrc, or anywhere after function! SourceDirectory(file):

call SourceDirectory('~/.vim/settings')

The SourceDirectory function, like SourceIfExists() keeps things DRY and things a bit more future proof when creating a modular config.